Crime Scene Response

crime sceneWVR provides 24-hour response to the cleanup of bodily fluids and blood borne pathogens resulting from a murder, suicide and unattended death. WVR also partners with the locally owned and operated NW Hazmat, who are experts in eliminating odors caused by human decomposition.

crime sceneMurder, suicides, tragic accidents, unpredictable occurrences require that somebody take on the task of cleaning up the crime scene after a police investigation. If one’s home, office or business has been effected by a violent crime, trauma, or accident, blood and fluid needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. WVR’s trauma scene clean up experts are licensed, certified, bonded and insured.

We understand that a death scene clean up has to be truly clean, not just surface clean. Blood borne pathogens and any bodily fluids, which remain in floors, carpets, baseboard, or walls, can cause serious infections and diseases. WVR takes every necessary precaution to ensure you and your properties are safe and protected from harm.

A crime scene cleaning process can take up to 40 hours depending on the amount of biohazard material at the site. Our cleaners use a hospital grade disinfectant to wipe and scrub every effected surface, including counters, ceilings, walls, light fixtures, family pictures, artwork and appliances.


In the unfortunate event of a death, trauma scene; we remove blood stained floors, soiled carpets and upholstery, drapes, furniture and bedding immediately. Once that is complete our restoration crew will return to the area to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

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